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  • Status: Approved
  • Prefix: !
  • Owner: Hurtman#5407
  • Last Bumped: 7 hours ago
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Some commands: !help - Says all commands! !ping - Ping you !poll (Poll) - Sets the poll !kick (user) - Kick pinged user !mute (user) - mutes pinged user !warn (user) - Warns the pinged user !ban (user) - Bans the pinged user !votekick (user) - starts votekick. THIS DOES NOT COUNT VOTES! THE SERVER OWNER HAS TO KICK MANUALLY! !welcome - send a welcome message !changeUsername (User) - Changes pinged user name. !clear (amount) - Clears messages Based on: Moderation Servers with lots of trollers Servers that need a bot to moderate with People that are spamming Bot stuff: The bot will never swear Always PG No rude things Very helpful Good moderation bot