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  • Status: Featured
  • Prefix: h.
  • Owner: Skidder#6775
  • Last Bumped: 23 hours ago
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The Hadder Discord bot is an multi-purpose Discord Bot with very nice and usefull commands.

Command Description
h.help Shows each command and explains its usage.
h.about Shows information about Hadder.
h.equals Checks if two strings are the same.
h.invite Shows the invitation link to invite Hadder to your server.
h.ping Shows the ping to the Discord API.
h.avatar Sends the avatar of the specified member.
h.gif Looks for a GIF on Giphy.
h.meme Sends you a random meme.
h.clyde Sends a message as a webhook named Clyde.
h.feedback Sends feedback directly to the developers.
h.github Displays information about a GitHub user profile.
h.screenshare Shows you the link to share your screen.
h.ban Bans one or more users from the server.
h.clear Deletes the specified number of messages.
h.prefix Sets the Guild-Prefix.
h.invitedetect Activate or deactivate the Discord invite link detection.
h.kick Kicks one or more user from the server.
h.nick Rename a one or more user.
h.regionchange Changes the server region to locked regions.
h.role Adds and removes one or more role(s) from one or more user(s)
h.rules Setup the rules on your Discord server
h.starboard Sets the starboard channel.
h.editrules Edits the rules message.
h.join Joins your voice channel.
h.leave Leaves your voice channel.
h.play Plays the specified song.
h.stop Stops the song.
h.info Shows information about the playing song.
h.queue Shows the music queue.
h.skip Skips the currently playing song.
h.volume Change the volume of the music.

We are constantly working on new features for the bot. If you have any feature requests please contact us on our Discord Server.