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  • Status: Approved
  • Prefix: ! (custom)
  • Owner: Alex_#3616
  • Last Bumped: 4 hours ago
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Benny, the bot with levelling, reaction roles, economy, moderation, fun & games, easy customizability, a dashboard & much more to discover. Benny is a bot that is meant to be tailored to your needs. It has many features, such as moderation: kick/ban/mute/add and remove roles and more. It also contains an automatic suggestions system as well as a report command, which many bots lack. Benny also includes fun commands, such as dog, cat and 8ball. Last but by all means not least, Benny includes rewards for activity, a coin and xp system to make it worth your while. Benny aims to cover all the things you need in a bot, so if you want a feature, drop by the support server and suggest it!